Make Your Data Safe

No more cloud software subscriptions!
Write with inspiration.
Store your creative ideas securely.
One app to manage your daily tasks.

Data privacy concerns can be a thing of the past with doogie®PIM!

Product Details

doogie®PIM is more than just an encrypted personal information manager. It's a treasure trove for researchers, collectors, and creative thinkers. Picture an Engineer's Daily Journal enriched with the strength of researched information by your side. With doogie®PIM, your data stays secure in your local storage. Embrace the power of knowledge and revolutionize your productivity with this remarkable tool.

How Secure is Your Data?

Experience the ultimate security and convenience with doogie®PIM - the encrypted solution that keeps your data safe without relying on Cloud storage. Organize various data types effortlessly, catering to small businesses, creative minds, and collectors' needs. Unleash your ideas with a feature-packed web browser, accessing the Internet while ensuring your data remains intact. This all-in-one platform seamlessly manages and organizes your bookmarks, contacts, finances, appointments, tasks, notes, journals, events, inventory, and email messages. Try doogie®PIM today and share your valuable feedback - we eagerly await your thoughts!

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