Where Do You Save Your Creative Ideas?

In a Dedicated Repository.

Research your Projects.

Preserve your Creations.

Secure your Brilliance.

Visualise your Mind Flow.

Manage your Resources.

Satisfying A Need

Christopher Maxwell Payton

Creator of doogie®

Over years devoted to research and study, I recognised the paramount need for a secure repository for my findings. This quest for safeguarding crucial research data is not mine alone. Countless individuals, whether innovators, artists producing remarkable works, or authors penning their magnum opuses, all share the need for a secure storage solution. This solution must allow for easy accessibility for the creator, while remaining virtually impenetrable to others.

I strongly believe that personal information, accumulated over time, should remain exactly that – personal. Be it a groundbreaking idea for a bestseller or a family apple pie recipe with the potential to astonish even a Michelin Starred chef, such treasures ought to be kept out of reach from external Data Centres and cloud storage.

This conviction led to the creation of doogie®PIM.

Over recent years, doogie®PIM has evolved to offer not just a secure haven for personal data, but also a versatile tool for online research, contact management, and email organisation. It has transformed into a formidable utility, applicable across an extensive range of functions.

The user interface of doogie®PIM is designed to be instantly familiar, mirroring the everyday web browser. This design choice significantly flattens the learning curve, making it straightforward to master. Its features, akin to a Swiss Army knife's tools, are concealed until needed – ready to assist, whether in finalising your next novel or opening a celebratory bottle of wine.

Whether you're a professional managing multiple projects, a student juggling academic responsibilities, or simply someone seeking to organise their digital life, doogie®PIM caters to a wide range of needs. 

Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for individuals looking for a unified platform to manage their tasks, appointments, notes, and much more.

A Unified Solution for Diverse Needs

Unlike many of its contemporaries that rely heavily on cloud services, doogie®PIM provides full functionality offline. 

This feature is particularly beneficial for users who travel frequently or have unreliable internet access. 

With doogiePIM, your information is always at your fingertips, regardless of your connectivity status, ensuring that productivity is never hampered.

Offline Accessibility

Users have the freedom to tailor the interface and functionality to suit their personal preferences and workflow. 

Whether you prefer a minimalist setup or a more detailed dashboard, doogie®PIM accommodates your style. 

This flexibility extends to data management as well, allowing for the creation of custom categories, tags, and filters that make navigation and organisation effortless.

Customisation and Flexibility

At the heart of doogie®PIM is its ability to seamlessly integrate various aspects of personal and professional information management. 

Unlike other platforms that might specialise in only one form of data, doogie®PIM offers a holistic approach.

It combines emails, calendars, tasks, notes, contacts, and even bookmarks under a single umbrella.

Comprehensive Integration

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