Where Do You Save Your Creative Ideas?

In a Dedicated Repository.

Research your Projects.

Preserve your Creations.

Secure your Brilliance.

Visualise your Mind Flow.

Manage your Resources.

Why Should You Choose doogie® ?

Privacy Matters

For businesses with trade secrets, inventors with new ideas, authors writing the next best seller, or script writers working on the box office smash hit; If their data went onto an unsecured Cloud, all manner of chaos could ensue. Not to mention the tabloid embarrassment of leaked data.

What is needed is a simple to use but powerful way to research one's ideas and to store them securely, working on them with a tracked progress of projects.

How Safe Is Your Data?

Your data needs to be safe. Sure, one can upload data to a Cloud but how long does it take to keep downloading it again and again just to work on it. Maybe you could work on the Cloud, such as with those very feature limited office apps. Again, the problem there; Do you trust the data centre operator not to peak at your data?

Keeping It Local?

One could store the data in many files and folders on a PC or laptop. but this is open and unsecured. Word documents or Notepad files left on a disk can easily be seen within a folder structure. 

Keeping data in disk folders on a good storage disk raises the added problems of how to easily find that file you really need to work on.

Easily Organised and Secure?

What is needed is a way to completely bypass disk storage folders and create a single database file that is easily contained and fully encrypted. All manner of text and graphics could then be stored within this single file in a secured format. This makes it practically impossible to read just by examining the disk and one doesn't need to go folder hunting to find elusive information.

If everything within a contained file is stored in categories, folders and with markers to identify special data, it makes organising data so much easier for retrieval. The further added advantage of indexing a contained amount of data means one can link an email message from an important client to the contact details of that client whilst cross linking the client's website. One can't do that easily with a disk folder system but one can with a multi-dimensional linking system in a single file database.

The Software Solution

By providing a software solution to the problem of recording personal research data on a local device, with ease of access to network available services, which is encrypted and secure from third party digital threats..... a solution has been achieved by way of doogie®PIM.

doogie® Satisfies A Need

Christopher Maxwell Payton

Creator of doogie®

I've spent years in research and study and needed a safe and secure place to store data of my results. I'm not alone in the quest to secure important research data. 

There are thousands of others who develop ideas, artists creating amazing work or authors writing their tomes. All of whom need a secure place to not only store data locally but to store it in a way that makes it easy for one to work on but practically impossible for others to see. 

I feel the rights of one's personal information that one collects over time, should be just that - personal. In other words, one's ideas for a best seller or the apple pie recipe that could knock a Michelin Star chef's socks off. These need to be kept away from outside Data Centres and not stored on a Cloud. 

Hence, the reason why I created doogie®PIM.

doogie®PIM has been improved and developed over the last few years to become, not only a secure housing for one's data, but a tool to easily research data on the Internet, to store contacts and manage Email. It has become a powerful tool that has a very wide range of applications.

The user interface of doogie®PIM is very familiar to users. It looks like a web browser, something we can all use on a daily basis. This makes the learning curve short and sweet. Each feature tool is hidden for when one needs it. Just like a Swiss army knife, the blades and corkscrew are folded away until required to pop open that bottle of wine to celebrate your next novel.

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